The King James Version 2000 - Preserving the KJV for the 21st Century
The King James Version 2000 - Preserving the KJV for the 21st Century

Encouraging Comments from KJ2000 Readers

“Dear Dr. Couric: 

I want to thank you for the great work you have done in giving us a great version of God's Word. You have brought the beauty, majesty and theology of the beloved KJV into the 21st century. For years I wondered why someone did not update the KJV without changing its message and meaning. I believe that your version will be used of God to rekindle a love and understanding of God's Word and will. Thank you for distributing it free. God will bless you for it. I hope millions access it and read it. 

God Bless you, your family and your ministry. On behalf of God's children everywhere - THANK YOU!!!” 

--RLG, Toronto, Canada

“I am replying to offer you encouragement in what must be an answer to many people’s prayers, that is to have the power, majesty and beauty of the KJV retained whilst eliminating archaic terms. The words of Deity in red are a great idea throughout the Bible.” 

--Henry and Julie Campbell, United Kingdom

“You’ve done it!!! Hurray! Thank You. I believe this is one of the most needed things in the church today, a readable modern (not modernized) KJ Bible!” 

--Lynn Strang

“My intense criticism was unable to uncover a single flaw in your approach to your monumental task. I thank God, and I thank you for such a true and exhaustive effort. You have given me what I’ve longed for for many, many years: a reliable study source in the word of God. Along with my N.T. Greek education and my training in manuscripts and versions, I consider your work a true and reliable addition to my library of tools for understanding---and expounding---the eternal word of God.” 

--Cliff Smith

“I believe that the King James 2000 is the better version to choose from among many other Bible Versions.” 

--Paul Kong, Singapore

“I had purchased the KJ2000 for a friend struggling with the KJV language. This friend claimed to be agnostic and I challenged him to read through the bible to see if it would change his view. 

He recently called me and was crying. He said that the Bible I had given him was the best gift he had ever received. He then proceeded to tell me that he now believes in God and that he has been praying and going to church. He said that because of God's intervention he has been able to preserve a failing marriage. 

I wanted to share this with you. As you know, some plant, others water and God gives the increase.” 

--Nathan Harding

“To God alone the glory and may the blessings be yours for this great work. A lover of the KJV versions, the KJV 2000 helps in understanding, preserving and expounding the scriptures in our time. 

Jesus is Lord” 


“God bless you, sir! What you have done here is a wonderful blessing, and I hope to get this Bible in the hands of people I know. 

Thanks again!” 


An exciting, skillful accomplishment with minimum changes, preserving the King James Version tradition in a readable, understandable version for the 21st Century

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